Body Treatments


Al Dau Nature Scrubs

A Natural ingredients (coffee, coconut and orange) are gently applied to the body buffing away aging skin cells, while enhancing blood flow to the skin’s surface.


Red Sea Mud Wrap

Red Sea mud improves skin texture and removes impurities that damage and weaken the skin. After applying the mud, the body is wrapped for 15-20 minutes, whilst you will receive a scalp and facial massage.


After Sun Treatment

The magic of aloe vera helps to treat sunburns and relieve soreness. This body contains aloectin b, an immune system stimulant to penetrate all the three layers of the skin leaving it completely moisturized.


Vichy Shower

The body is brushed to exfoliate and increase blood circulation. In a final step, hot pressurized water massages the body, leaving it detoxified and relaxed.


Vichy Deluxe

A combination of a Vichy Shower and an Anti-Stress full body massage. An intense 80 minutes that leaves your body relaxed and your skin completely soothed and cleaned. 

Warm Red Sea Herbal Bath

This healing treatment uses warm sea water and your choice of invigorating herbs and oils to loosen sore muscles and cleanse skin impurities.


Traditional Egyptian Hammam

A traditional cleaning ritual with loofah, a cloud of essential foam, followed by a relaxing back massage.


Massage With Herbal Bath

To loosen sore muscles and overall body pain; a soothing full body massage with your favourite oil blend is followed by a herbal bath. This treatment is complimented with a gentle head massage.