Holidaycheck Awards

Definition: The HolidayCheck award is based on the reviews by travelers who have been staying at these hotels. It recognizes the excellence of hotels within the entire world.

HolidayCheck is the strongest neutral quality webpage in the world, particularly used by German speaking travelers. However, the webpage is available in 13 different kind of languages. As per HolidayCheck, every third customer looks into their web portal before going on vacation in order to get information about hotels and destinations rated by other travelers. HolidayCheck and its awards are highly important for us and bring more customers to our property.

HolidayCheck Award 2016

HolidayCheck awards every year the top hotel in a destination, based on the recommendation rate, total score and total amount of reviews.


HolidayCheck Award 2014

Awarded as one of the best hotels among the 100 hotels worldwide offering the best couples vacation in 2014.


HolidayCheck TopHotel 2013

Awarded by HolidayCheck as one of the most popular hotels in the region in 2013.


HolidayCheck TopHotel 2012

Awarded by HolidayCheck as one of the most liked hotels in the region in 2012.


HolidayCheck Award 2011

Awarded as one of the best 10 hotels worldwide and the best hotel in Egypt by couples in 2011.