World Luxury Spa Award

Definition: The World Luxury Spa Awards (company based in South Africa) gives recognition and thanks to the Luxury Spa Industry. Setting benchmarks in quality, innovation and service for spas around the globe. Established as the world’s leading Awards initiative for Luxury Spas, the World Luxury Spa Awards sets the spotlight on our spas, attracting the attention of global spa-goers and industry experts.

The World Luxury Spa Award recognizes finest quality and high standards.

Further, the awards are presented to luxury spas in 10 different categories on a country and global basis. The voting (annual voting process) is based on service excellence and is cast by spa guests. Spas will receive voting information and will be required to conduct voting campaigns in order to promote their participation amongst guests.



     World Luxury Spa Award 2016

     Winner in the category: Best Luxury Destination (Egypt) Spa 2016.



World Luxury Spa Award 2013

Winner in the category: Best Luxury Destination (Egypt) Spa 2013.


World Luxury Spa Award 2011

Winner in the category: Best Luxury Resort Spa 2011 in Egypt.